An Open Letter to District 3

My name is Nancy Jackson Baxley and I am running for the US House of Representatives for District 3. I was born and raised in Hamilton County. After living in middle and west Tennessee through college and early marriage, I returned to the Tennessee Valley with my husband to raise our two daughters.

Being a member of the Church of Christ my whole life and a History teacher for nearly 20 years, I feel that in this current political climate, several of my worlds have collided and are now propelling me into action.

You see, each year my students and I participate in active shooter drills. We take refuge in the safest places possible. We talk about their choices in that situation; fight, flee, or hide. The children look to me to answer questions about how to stay alive. I go to work every day knowing that it is my job to protect every child in my care. My heart breaks for these children when they ask me what’s being done to protect them and I have nothing substantial to tell them.

For years I have told my students how much I believed in them and how I was confident that they were going to be able to fix all the messes the US seems to be in. But now I realize those statements were cop outs. Kids shouldn’t have to fix the problems that we and the generation before us created.

Gridlock in Washington is unacceptable. We need to fix the problems. I need to be part of the solution. I need to show my students that we care enough to at least try.

We are America. We should be able to protect our children. We should be able to give affordable medical care to ALL of our citizens. And we should be able to innovate our way out of the 21st century problems that we face. Creativity is what we do. Problem-solving is what we do. Setting the standard for democracy is what we do.

As a History teacher I realize a few truths that may be uncomfortable, but are true nonetheless. One is that war will always come for us. Let’s not go looking for it. The second is that our entire Constitution is built on compromise. Some of those compromises were awful but seen as necessary by our founding fathers. Thankfully, many of those compromises have been rectified, but our young nation is still wrestling with its Constitution. It calls us to compromise because of our individual differences AND because of our common goals. It is when compromise breaks down that our Republic is in danger. This lack of compromise is my fear today.

So I come to you as an Independent candidate for the US House of Representatives for the 3rd District of Tennessee, willing to denounce uncompromising political parties in order to work to help ALL children have a chance to succeed, in order to bring healthcare to ALL Americans, and in order to do what’s best for ALL Tennesseans and Americans, not a political party or an influential donor.

I am running for the children. Their future is my guide. 

Please join me in liberating Tennessee from partisanship and help me begin the work for a better tomorrow.

God Bless,

Nancy Jackson Baxley

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