Employment Education

  • Declining industry workers should be assisted in job retraining. Many community colleges, local non-profits, unions, and employers offer pathways to increased employability. We should offer incentives for those programs to expand and make them available to more Americans who find themselves needing to change employment paths.
  • Two-year college or training programs (Like Bill Haslem’s) should be implemented. Haslam is quoted as saying,” As Republicans, we can look and say, ‘We now have 50 years since the Great Society and we’ve spent – whatever, a kajillion dollars – and we haven’t moved the poverty level at all.’ The only way we’re going to move that is by public education opportunities.” Haslam saw the need for Tennessee’s population to be educated or trained in order to meet the needs of a changing economy. This program has been wildly popular and has even expanded bringing with it a better economy to the state and a higher standard of living to its citizens.
  • The student debt crisis is real. Many who were told to go to college so they could get a good job to support themselves and their families are finding themselves in crushing debt with jobs that aren’t paying enough to pay off the debt and have a family. This has a very real effect on our economy and the lives of our citizens as these students delay marriage and having children. This could be addressed through multiple avenues such as refinancing with lower interest rates and income-driven repayment.

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