Government Accountability

As a History teacher, I talk about what makes nations work and what causes their collapse all the time. It is my observation that throughout history, the quickest way to ruin a democracy or a republic is for people to become greedy, greedy with power and money. It ruined Athens and it ruined Rome. So how do we overcome the instinct that humans seem to have for both power and money. My approach is to make sure that every voice counts and that leaders are held accountable.

Term Limits

  • Term limits should be set (6 terms for the US House and 3 terms for the US Senate). I admire those who devote their whole life to representing their fellow Americans, but too many times they make a fortune off of their position, therefore making reelection necessary to maintain their lifestyle. When reelection becomes your life goal, you are no longer serving those who sent you to Washington in the first place. I look forward to taking what I learn from this campaign, and hopefully a few terms in Congress, back to the classroom to share with students in order to prepare them to lead our nation, because I am a teacher serving the public, not a politician serving myself.


  • I always tell my students, “Follow the money.” Don’t listen to what a candidate or a government says, look at who benefits financially from their decisions. Transparency is important in our elections and members of Congress should be held to the highest standard of accountability. I would ask that you hold me accountable to that same criteria. I have entered into this campaign to work toward a better world for our children and I expect to be held accountable if I deviate from that goal. 
  • The Citizens United case should be overturned because it enables candidates to gain access to unlimited amounts of undisclosed donations. This money can come from anywhere and is not traceable. Americans have the right to know who is donating to their elected officials because that indicates how those elected officials will vote. 

Voter Eligibility

  • Our government should make it easier for all citizens to vote. Early voting should be heavily promoted with times and places easily accessible. I also support automatic voter registration (AVR) that allows citizens to be automatically registered to vote when they have contact with government agencies. Suppression of voting is a direct attack on our democratic republic.
  • Helping citizens get registered to vote or filling out a form wrong should not be criminalized. Registering to vote can be intimidating. My youngest child just registered and was both excited and apprehensive about the process. Even now, her registration is not complete because she must have her registration certified in person before she can cast an absentee ballot while she is away at college.
  • Persons convicted of a crime that have served their time should get their right to vote back once they have paid their debt to society.

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