• Tech companies must be required to protect your privacy and data. We should have a national Consumer Privacy Act that allows users to opt out of having their data shared and requires data brokers to register with the Attorney General so you, the consumer are protected.
  • Antitrust laws and consumer oversight must be used to prevent corporations from inhibiting fair competition. Our government should work to create a fair market place, it should also work to protect its citizens from predatory practices. Our government should serve its people, not be in the pocket of big business. Today many workers don’t have the right to bargain for fair wages or benefits. We can do better.
  • Business practices that pose a threat to our nation’s health and/or our environment must be controlled. Chattanooga is the perfect example of where this pays off. In 1969 Chattanooga was named the Most Polluted City in the United States. But within 20 years of stringent pollution ordinances, it was able to meet federal standards and now acts as an example to cities across the US as it strives to maintain its low levels of pollution. Pollution is directly linked to health. We need to let the EPA do its job of working towards a cleaner, healthier country. Reducing pollution can save lives and improve our quality of life. The health of our citizens must take precedence over amassing wealth for corporations.

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