Rural Broadband Act

As a teacher, I give homework and classwork that requires internet access. This year the Hamilton County school system went 1 to 1 with students and ChromeBooks. Students no longer even have a hard copy textbook for many of their classes since many of them are solely online. This saves money for school systems, but if children can’t access the internet at home, they are at a disadvantage to students that have access.

  • Connection to the internet is now required for everyday life. 
  • Children need it to complete their homework today and to compete in the workforce tomorrow.
  • Today you apply for jobs and Social Security online. It is required for living in society today.
  • Just like the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 provided federal funds to bring electricity to farms, it should do the same for the internet.
  • Tennesseans in the 3rd District are perfectly placed for a trial run of this due to the TVA and the success of high-speed internet through EPB.

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