Government Accountability

As a History teacher, I talk about what makes nations work and what causes their collapse all the time. It is my observation that throughout history, the quickest way to ruin a democracy or a republic is for people to become greedy, greedy with power and money. It ruined Athens and it ruined Rome. SoContinue reading “Government Accountability”

Rural Broadband Act

As a teacher, I give homework and classwork that requires internet access. This year the Hamilton County school system went 1 to 1 with students and ChromeBooks. Students no longer even have a hard copy textbook for many of their classes since many of them are solely online. This saves money for school systems, butContinue reading “Rural Broadband Act”

Employment Education

Declining industry workers should be assisted in job retraining. Many community colleges, local non-profits, unions, and employers offer pathways to increased employability. We should offer incentives for those programs to expand and make them available to more Americans who find themselves needing to change employment paths. Two-year college or training programs (Like Bill Haslem’s) shouldContinue reading “Employment Education”


Most Americans came to this country as immigrants and helped build our nation. Immigration has always provided substantial economic growth in Tennessee and across the country. We need to fix our broken immigration system and to remove partisan politics from this important issue. I support effective and data-driven immigration reform. We need to develop aContinue reading “Immigration”